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Leather Reed Diffuser

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Experience the rich, authentic smell of fresh leather with our Leather Reed Diffuser from Dirty Hands Candle Co. Perfect for those who adore the unique scent of a new King Ranch F250 or a well-stocked tack shop. Dive into this pure, undiluted leather fragrance that infuses your space with a clean, classic aroma.

Tech Specs


Each Dirty Hands Candle Co Reed Diffuser is hand made in Canyon, Texas and is scented with essential or cosmetic grade fragrance oils. Each diffuser container is made from recycled glass sourced in Texas.


4oz Diffuser - 6 Reeds - Smaller Rooms such as a Bathroom

8oz Diffuser - 8 Reeds - Larger Rooms such as a Living Room


4oz Diffuser - 60-90+ Days

8oz Diffuser - 60-90+ Days

About the Brand

Dirty Hands Candle Company, rooted in the panoramic landscape of Canyon, Texas, is more than just a candle company - it is an ode to authenticity and craftsmanship that dates back to 2016. The essence of Texas, captured one scent at a time, emanates from each of their carefully curated products. Embracing the belief that simplicity never fades and genuine craftsmanship prevails, each candle, diffuser, and car freshener is meticulously handcrafted, embodying a tangible spirit of care.

Embracing the ethos, "I'm always happier when my hands are dirty," they create their products using organic US-manufactured soy wax featuring American soybeans, essential or cosmetic grade fragrance oils, and 100% cotton wicks. Poured by hand into recycled glass containers sourced right from Texas, these candles encapsulate the spirit of Dirty Hands - honest, straightforward, handmade, and genuine.

Dirty Hands Candle Company is not just about the candles; it's about a sensory journey that transcends the ordinary. With scent being the most evocative of our five senses, they strive to transport you back through time or to places unexplored, echoing the fragrances and lifestyle of the Southern roots and the spirited West.

Subtle Sophistication: Handcrafted in the USA

Invite the enchanting essence of the wild West into your spaces with Dirty Hands Candle Co.'s Reed Diffusers. Infused with rich, evocative fragrances, these diffusers are meticulously handcrafted in the heart of Texas, capturing the charm of a simple, rustic life in each bottle. A true embodiment of authentic American craftsmanship, Dirty Hands Reed Diffusers are not factory-made but lovingly assembled by real people, bringing the spirit of the West to your home one scent at a time.

Harnessing Essential Oils

Dirty Hands Candle Co. takes great pride in using essential and cosmetic grade fragrance oils for their Reed Diffusers. This eco-friendly approach ensures a clean, steady release of their captivating scents, supporting a more sustainable lifestyle. The commitment to organic oils and high quality fragrances, represents the brand's steadfast commitment to sustainable American craftsmanship.

Tailored Fragrance Experience: Sized Just Right for Your Space

Dirty Hands Candle Co.'s Reed Diffusers come in two thoughtfully designed sizes to cater to your individual needs and spaces. The 4oz variant is a perfect fit for smaller, intimate spaces, such as your bathroom or home office. It provides a gentle, consistent release of scent that won't overpower the room but subtly imbues it with a delightful aroma. On the other hand, our 8oz diffuser is designed with larger rooms in mind. This larger size ensures your living room, open-plan kitchen, or bedroom is filled with a luxurious scent that feels warm and welcoming. Despite the difference in sizes, both options offer the same durability and quality. The size merely determines the diffusion intensity, allowing you to curate your scent experience room by room.

Quality & Longevity: Experience Fragrance that Lasts

In a market saturated with fleeting fragrances and short-lived scents, Dirty Hands Candle Co. offers a unique commitment to enduring aroma. Each of our Reed Diffusers is carefully crafted to last a substantial 60 to 90 days. This impressive lifespan is a testament to the quality of our American-made products and makes our Reed Diffusers an investment worth making. Rather than opting for cheaper, quickly dissipating options sourced from overseas, choosing Dirty Hands means opting for a lasting, immersive aroma experience. Your hard-earned money deserves to find value, and our diffusers promise that value, offering a long-lasting and effective fragrance solution.

Transporting Scents: Signature Fragrances by Dirty Hands

Each Dirty Hands Reed Diffuser offers a unique sensory journey, drawing you into the heart of Texas and the wide-open landscapes of the West. The signature scents such as Leather, Austin City Limits, Cactus Blossom, and Pearl Snaps have been carefully curated to depict the unique Western ethos. From the refreshing scent of white flowers in Cactus Blossom to the masculine spice of Austin City Limits, each scent paints a picture, bringing the narrative of the wild West to your living spaces.

Embracing Sustainability: Recycled Glass Bottles

In keeping with their commitment to simplicity and authenticity, Dirty Hands Candle Co. houses each of their exquisite Reed Diffuser oils in recycled glass bottles sourced from Texas, USA. These bottles don't just encase the invigorating scents, they represent a nod towards environmental responsibility. With every diffusion of a Dirty Hands scent, there's an echoing promise - a promise of sustainable living.

Inviting you in, One Scent at a Time

Dirty Hands Candle Co.'s Reed Diffusers are not just about spreading beautiful fragrances; they're about creating experiences. Each scent weaves a story, a story that your home sets the stage for. From the moment you uncap a Dirty Hands Reed Diffuser, you're not just enhancing your space; you're becoming part of a world - one scent at a time. Welcome to a world where the wild West comes alive, and simplicity is a timeless luxury.

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