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Granite Rope Collar

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Every expedition demands gear that's both sturdy and dependable. For your canine explorer, the Wilderdog Ropar Collar isn't just a mere accessory; it's a badge of honor. Designed with the spirit of unfettered adventure, this collar mirrors the resilience of the most seasoned trailblazers.

Drawing inspiration from the ropes trusted by rock climbers, the collar boasts unparalleled durability, ensuring that whether it's a dash through dense woods or a climb over rocky terrains, it remains unyielding. Crafted from tightly spun polypropylene/polyester rope combined with heavy-duty hardware, this collar is an epitome of strength, seamlessly blending form and function.

But the Wilderdog Ropar Collar isn't just about toughness. Understanding that every dog is distinct, it comes in a range of sizes, ensuring a snug fit, from the agile sprinter to the stately trekker. Plus, its blend of materials guarantees both longevity and comfort for your canine.

With an ethos of producing not just products, but experiences, the collar is backed by a lifetime warranty, underscoring our commitment to quality. Dive into the world's wildest adventures and let the Wilderdog Ropar Collar be a testament to your dog's indomitable spirit. After all, adventure isn't just an activity; it's a way of life.

Tech Specs

- Made with tightly spun, polypropylene/polyester rope

- Heavy-duty plastic clip with nickel-plated, steel D-Ring


- Please measure your dogs before ordering. To find the most accurate size, measure around your dog's neck where the collar would sit. Make sure to leave room to slide at least two fingers comfortably under the collar!

- Small: 11" - 15" around, with a 3/4" band

- Medium: 13" - 18" around, with a 1" band

- Large: 17" - 24" around, with a 1" band

- The Medium and Large collars are made of two side-by-side climbing ropes with the core removed. The Small collar is made of a single flat rope.

- If your pup is between sizes and still growing or filling out, we recommend sizing up!


- Wash the rope by hand in your bathtub or a large bucket. Use warm water and mild soap (not detergent). Thoroughly swish the rope around, then drain the dirty water. Repeat until the water runs clean. Hang to dry, uncoiled, away from direct sunlight.

- Or, remove the carabiner (if applicable) and toss in the wash on gentle and hang to dry.

- No chewing!


All Wilderdog branded products are backed with a lifetime guarantee - as long as you use the gear like you would use any other dog gear - no chewing!

About the Brand

Born from the spirit of adventure and the love for man's best friend, Wilderdog is more than just a brand; it's a reflection of the soulful bond between humans and their furry companions. Inspired by countless camping trips, climbing escapades, and skiing adventures, Wilderdog emerged from a genuine need for robust and reliable dog gear.

The inception of Wilderdog took place around a warm campfire during a summer weekend outing. As a close-knit group of friends who shared a penchant for thrill and excitement, the quest for durable leashes, collars, and pet essentials was perennial. The initial solution? Repurposing old climbing ropes, webbing, and cordelettes to keep our canine friends close.

This innovative approach evolved, and Wilderdog now proudly offers products that are not only designed to withstand the harshest of conditions but are also backed by a lifetime warranty. The brand stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality and reliability.

But it's not just about gear. At its heart, Wilderdog is driven by a passion for rescue and adoption. With every furry member of their team being a precious rescue from local shelters, they ardently advocate for adoption, believing that every dog deserves the warmth of a family and the joy of those comforting campfire naps.

Their commitment extends beyond products. Wilderdog's 'Purchase for a Pound' initiative stands out as a beacon of hope. With every purchase of a Wilderdog product from our store, a pound of dog food is donated to a chosen rescue or shelter every month. This noble initiative not only supports these under-funded shelters but also helps them channel resources for medical necessities, essential supplies, and even potentially save a life.

Discover Wilderdog's impressive range of dog gear, knowing that with each product, you're not just buying quality but also making a difference in the lives of countless dogs awaiting their forever homes.

Every piece of Wilderdog gear is backed by a lifetime warranty. Dive into a world where adventure meets compassion, only at Sackett Ranch.

Built for Adventure

Every seasoned explorer understands the importance of dependable gear. The Wilderdog Rope Collar isn't just any collar; it embodies a commitment to a lifetime of adventures. Regardless of where your furry friend roams, this collar is designed to endure, ensuring you never need to buy another one. A spirit of adventure, captured in one durable accessory.

Climber's Trust

There's a reason rock climbers rely on specific types of ropes – they demand the best for safety and reliability. The Wilderdog Rope Collar is crafted from the same durable rock climbing rope trusted by climbers worldwide. Combined with its heavy-duty hardware, you're not just getting a collar; you're investing in the pinnacle of strength and resilience.

Perfect Fit for All

Every dog is unique, and the Wilderdog Rope Collar celebrates that individuality. With varying sizes available, from the petite explorer to the grand adventurer, there's a fit for all. And it’s not just about size – the carefully selected materials, from tightly spun polypropylene/polyester rope to the nickel-plated, steel D-Ring, ensure your dog's comfort while guaranteeing longevity.

Fashion Meets Function

For the stylish pup and owner duo, the Wilderdog Rope Collar doesn't just stop at durability and versatility. Available in a spectrum of chic hues, you can select the perfect color to complement your dog's unique personality or even match your own outdoor gear. No more settling for bland or ordinary—our collars merge the best of fashion tones with rugged functionality, ensuring your dog stands out on every adventure.

Lifetime Adventure Promise

It's not merely about crafting an exceptional product; it's about standing by it. The Wilderdog Rope Collar comes with a promise – a lifetime warranty. As your canine companion ventures through forests, rivers, and mountains, take comfort in knowing their collar is backed by our unwavering commitment to quality.

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