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About the Brand

Introducing Bear Bolts - Pioneers in Responsible Wilderness Exploration! Nestled in the awe-inspiring Salt Lake City, UT, Bear Bolts emerges as a guardian of both the tranquil wilderness and thrilling outdoor escapades. As an independent, veteran-owned venture, Bear Bolts is invigorated by an indomitable passion for nature and an unwavering dedication to responsible recreation.

Bear Bolts understands the irresistible allure of the backcountry, and its vision encompasses facilitating a deeply enriching yet sustainable wilderness experience for adventurers. With unparalleled craftsmanship, Bear Bolts offers cutting-edge bear-proofing solutions for coolers and hard-sided cases. These are ingeniously designed to fit seamlessly with a wide range of products available in the market.

But Bear Bolts' mission goes beyond crafting innovative products; it is an embodiment of the pursuit for a harmonious coexistence between the bold spirit of adventurers and the raw beauty of nature. By equipping campers with tools that make compliance with food storage regulations a breeze, Bear Bolts actively engages in reducing human-bear conflicts, thus safeguarding the majestic bears and their natural habitats.

Bear Bolts stands not just as a brand, but as an advocate for the wild. Through its commitment to responsible practices and innovative solutions, it champions the timeless cause of keeping wild bears wild. Bear Bolts invites everyone to join this noble mission, and to tread thoughtfully as both guardians and admirers of the unparalleled beauty of the wilderness.

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