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Dawn Cooling Bandana


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Where style meets comfort! Elevate your pup's outdoor adventures with our lightweight, quick-drying bandana designed to keep them cooler on the trail. Simply soak, tie with a secure square knot, and watch your dog strut with a dash of fashion. From trail to town, its vibrant designs ensure your canine companion stands out in any crowd. Backed by our trusted lifetime warranty, this is more than just an accessory – it's an essential!

Perfect Trail Companion

From the summit to the valleys, the Wilderdog Cooling Bandana serves dual purposes - it's a fashion statement and a lifesaver. Let your furry friend boast their style while staying comfortable. A soak in water is all it takes to provide that much-needed relief from the heat, ensuring your pet remains cool during those trail escapades.

Knots That Hold

The secret to keeping the bandana securely in place? A square knot! Unlike the common granny knot which can loosen, the square knot ensures the bandana remains snug around your dog's neck. This means more comfort and fewer adjustments on the go.

Premium Material Make

Crafted from a soft poly-blend mesh, this bandana is not just gentle on your pet's skin but also ensures swift drying. Its lightweight design ensures your pet doesn't feel bogged down, making it ideal for those longer outdoor adventures.

A Promise of Durability

With each purchase, you're not just getting a product but a promise. The Wilderdog Cooling Bandana comes with a lifetime warranty, reinforcing its durability and quality. Adventure after adventure, this bandana is built to last, giving you peace of mind with every use.

A Palette of Style

Who says practical can't be pretty? The Wilderdog Cooling Bandana comes in a diverse array of colors and designs, ensuring there's a perfect match for every canine's personality. Whether your pooch is edgy, elegant, or exuberantly playful, there's a design that complements them. Not only does this bandana provide comfort in the heat, but it also allows your dog to make a style statement, turning heads wherever they trot. A true blend of functionality and fashion, it's the must-have accessory for every trendsetting dog out there!

Tech Specs / Directions

MEASURMENTS: 18" x 18" x 30"

MATERIALS: Soft, poly-blend mesh material

FEATURE: lightweight & quick drying


- Wash on 'gentle' setting with low or no heat

-Hang to dry

- No chewing!


All Wilderdog branded products are backed with a lifetime guarantee - as long as you use the gear like you would use any other dog gear - no chewing!

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