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Hard Storage 50L


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Make getting out of town and into the outdoors easy with the Dometic GO Hard-Sided 50 L storage bin. When it's time for your next adventure, pack, stack and hit the road with this handy organizer.

Dometic’s PAC H50 Hard Storage lets you store essential outdoor gear in one place, making it simple to grab off the shelf or floor and slide it into your trunk and get out there.

  •  Waterproof and dustproof design protects your gear from the elements
  •  Made with durable vertical aluminum sidewalls and high-impact-resistant polypropylene top and bottom
  •  Includes integrated handles, tie-down points and lock holes as well as secure, easy-pull latches
  •  Stackable for easy storage and transport
  •  50-liter design gives it plenty of storage volume for its footprint
  •  Can be used as a system with Dometic soft-sided storage bins (not included), which nest inside for additional organization

Built to Last

Tired of replacing storage bins that fall apart? The DOMETIC GO Hard Storage 50L is designed with resilience at its core. Crafted meticulously with durable vertical aluminum sidewalls and coupled with a high-impact-resistant polypropylene top and bottom, this storage bin promises longevity. Whether you're on rough terrains or amidst bustling cityscapes, your gear is housed in a bin built for endurance.

Simple to Store

Streamline your adventures with smart storage! Thanks to its clever stackable design, the DOMETIC GO Hard Storage 50L ensures that you maximize space without compromising on accessibility. Whether you're organizing your garage or packing up for a trip, this bin makes efficient use of vertical space, ensuring your gear is neatly tucked away, yet ready for the next escapade.

Ergonomic Design

Beyond its sturdy construction, the DOMETIC GO Hard Storage 50L speaks volumes in terms of user-centric design. Integrated handles, tie-down points, lock holes, and secure, easy-pull latches ensure that handling and transporting your belongings is not only safe but also effortless. Dive into your next adventure with storage that has your back, quite literally!

24-Hour Gear Protection

Say goodbye to the worries of your gear being exposed to the harsh elements. Equipped with a waterproof and dustproof design, the DOMETIC GO Hard Storage 50L offers around-the-clock protection for your essentials. Whether you're faced with a sudden downpour or a sandstorm, rest easy knowing your equipment remains shielded and pristine, ready for action.

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