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Compact Bamboo Camp Table


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Transform your camping experience with the Dometic GO Compact Bamboo Camp Table. Engineered for versatility, it seamlessly adjusts to three unique heights, catering to every outdoor occasion. With ample seating for four, this eco-elegant bamboo table combines nature's charm with modern design. Its optimized construction ensures you enjoy more space underneath, while its foldable design makes portability a breeze. It's not just a table—it's the centerpiece for countless memories.

Triple-Height Transformation

Dive into versatility with the Dometic GO Compact Bamboo Camp Table. It's crafted with adjustable legs that shift to three distinct heights. Tailor your outdoor setting seamlessly; choose a cozy coffee table height for intimate chats, a kid-friendly elevation for little ones, or elevate it to a full dining and food prep stance. Switching between them is as effortless as the breezes you'll enjoy while camping.

Gather 'Round: Space for Everyone

No more squeezing in or compromising on space. The Dometic GO Camp Table is designed with everyone in mind, comfortably seating four adults. Its generous surface ensures each individual has ample room to enjoy meals, play games, or share stories. Turn every meal into a delightful group affair, because nature is better when shared.

Carry Convenience

Your camping gear should add to the adventure, not detract from it. With an integrated handle, the Dometic table ensures easy transfers and hassle-free setups. Plus, when adventure calls you to a new spot, the table's design allows it to fold down swiftly, occupying merely half its original size. A true champion of portability, it's set to be your trusty companion on every journey.

Eco-Elegance: Bamboo Beauty

Elevate your camping aesthetic with the table's solid bamboo top. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also brings a touch of refined charm to your outdoor ensemble. Resilient and elegant, the bamboo surface offers durability while adding a sophisticated touch to your wild escapes.

Ingeniously Optimized Design

Every inch of the Dometic GO Camp Table has been thoughtfully designed. Its aluminum legs, robust yet lightweight, attach directly to the table's corners. This clever design detail maximizes the available space beneath, granting you and your fellow campers more room to stretch out, tuck in belongings, or simply relax without feeling hemmed in. Every feature has been finessed for your utmost comfort and convenience.

Tech Specs / Warranty

DIMENSIONS - 39.37"D x 27.36"H x 25.59"W

WEIGHT - 20.64 lbs

CAPACITY - Seats four adults

CONSTRUCTION - Constructed from solid bamboo (surface) and aluminum (legs), with an integrated carrying handle

**Carrying case sold separately


- Adjusts to three different heights (coffee table, kids’ table, dining/prep)

- Legs attach at table corners for optimized comfort

- Folds down to fit in half the width of your vehicle’s trunk

- Part of Dometic Go collection

Manufacturer's Warranty:

This Dometic Product is covered by a Limited Three-Year Warranty

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