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DB1 - Indestructible Waterproof BT Speaker


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Discover the bold blend of craftsmanship and performance with the DemerBox DB1 Speaker. Built to weather any outdoor adventure, this speaker offers professional-grade sound with crisp highs and punchy bass. The DB1 Speaker is housed in a USA-made, military-spec Pelican case, ensuring a crushproof barrier and dry internal storage for your valuables. With over 40 hours of battery life and an impressive Bluetooth range, you're guaranteed a reliable, immersive sound experience wherever you go. Plus, each unit is proudly hand-built in the USA, encapsulating the spirit of adventure with uncompromising quality. Experience the rich, robust sound of DemerBox DB1 and make your outdoor gatherings unforgettable.


Superior Sound Quality

The DemerBox DB1 Speaker features two 3-inch, aluminum cone drivers with rubber surrounds. This setup ensures the reproduction of crisp highs and punchy bass, providing a professional-grade sound that is loud enough for all your outdoor adventures. With an audio power of 94db@1ft and 11w per channel RMS, the sound from this speaker can reach everyone at your campsite, beach party, or backyard gathering.

Rugged Construction

Made to endure the rigors of outdoor adventures, the DB1 Speaker is housed in a military-spec Pelican 1150 case, which is made in the USA. All the fastening hardware is made from 316 stainless steel for corrosion resistance. The grills, port cap, and inner plate are molded from durable ABS material, ensuring a speaker that can withstand harsh environments and deliver exceptional performance no matter the circumstances.

Impressive Connectivity

Boasting a Bluetooth range of over 100 feet, the DB1 Speaker allows you to control your music without being tethered to the device. In addition to Bluetooth, the speaker also includes a 3.5mm audio jack for a more traditional wired connection, offering flexibility depending on your needs and preferences.

Extended Battery Life

Powered by a 2600mAh Lithium Ion battery, the DB1 Speaker offers over 40 hours of playtime on a single charge, meaning your music can last for the entire weekend trip. The speaker also includes internal USB charging for convenience, ensuring your music keeps playing even when you're far from a power outlet.

Dry Internal Storage

With its crushproof Pelican case, the DB1 Speaker provides dry internal storage, protecting your valuables and electronics from the elements. Whether you're on a boat, at the beach, or caught in a sudden downpour, your items stay safe and dry.

Hand Built in the USA

Every DemerBox is proudly hand-built in the USA. With most of its parts also being made domestically, you can feel confident about the quality of your speaker, knowing that it has been constructed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Tech Specs / Warranty


Size: 9.44” x 7.80” x 4.29” (24 x 20 x 11 cm)

Weight: 3.81 lbs (1.73 kg)

Case: USA made military spec Pelican 1150 case

Hardware Materials:

- All metal fastening hardware - 316 stainless steel.

- Grills, port cap, and inner plate - USA molded ABS.

- Pelican Case - USA molded Polypropylene.


Speaker: One 3 inch, 8ohm, aluminum cone with rubber surround drivers.

Audio Power: 84db@1ft. 11w per channel RMS. Class D audio circuitry.

Bluetooth: 100 feet (30 meter) range. Real world tested at over 100 feet, line of sight. (Actual performance depends on walls, RF interference and Bluetooth performance of your phone, tablet or laptop.)

Audio Input: 3.5mm audio jack in addition to Bluetooth.


Battery: 2600mAh Lithium Ion @12.6v. 40 +hours play time between charges. (Battery life depends on audio volume, ambient temperature, charging habits and USB charge port usage.)

Charge Time: Approximately 4 hours to full when battery is depleted.

Volume: Up/Down switch.


Place of Manufacture: Every DemerBox is proudly hand built in the USA. (Most of our parts are made in the USA and the rest are sourced around the planet.)

Included with DemerBox: A/C Charger (100-220v input, DC 12.6v@1A output, center positive), 3.5mm stereo cable (1 meter long), Port Plug, Quick Start Guide

Manufacturer's Warranty:

The DemerBox warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship in every DemerBox product for one year from the time of purchase. The warranty is transferrable to whoever is the owner of the product. The customer has the option to have their product replaced with another at the same value or repair if the product is damaged. If your repair is covered under the DemerBox warranty, we will repair the defective item free of cost. If we determine that the problem is not covered under the warranty or has been purchased for over a year, we will repair your DemerBox for a fair price. The warranty period is not extended if we repair or replace your product.

There are some exclusions to the DemerBox warranty, including:

- Problems that result from external causes such as accident, abuse, or misuse.

- Problems resulting from an improperly installed port plug.

- Not using a DemerBox approved charger.

- Components being tampered with, or any alterations made to your DemerBox.

- Any items that are damaged or destroyed while being stored inside your DemerBox.

- Latches on the Demerbox are covered under a lifetime warranty. 

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