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All Terrain Tent Stakes - Black

Gazelle Tents

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The All-Terrain Stakes have been tested to work in all soil conditions. They are sturdy enough to be pounded into the ground and have a threaded tip that allows you to screw them into rocky ground. The molded handle makes it easy to extract them from the ground and provides an optimal tie-off point. The kit comes with 8 stakes and four tie-downs all in a convenient carry bag. 

Versatility in All Conditions

The Gazelle All-Terrain Stakes are meticulously crafted to provide stability in any soil condition. Whether you're setting up your tent on soft soil or pounding them into rocky terrain, these stakes stand their ground. Their unique design ensures your tent remains securely fastened, no matter the environmental challenges.

Innovative Threaded Tip Design

A distinguishing feature of these tent stakes is their threaded tip. This ingenious design enables you to screw the stakes into rocky soil, offering an unmatched grip. This provides extra security, ensuring that your tent stays firmly in place even in challenging environments.

Ergonomic Handle and Tie-Off Point

Every Gazelle All-Terrain Stake features a molded handle, easing extraction from the ground. This not only enhances usability but also doubles as an optimal tie-off point. This design is a testament to Gazelle's commitment to user-friendly, functional camping solutions.

Comprehensive Kit

Gazelle is dedicated to providing a comprehensive camping solution. Each kit comes with 8 All-Terrain Stakes, four tie downs, and a convenient carry bag. This set equips campers with everything they need to secure their shelter, illustrating Gazelle's attention to detail and commitment to user convenience.

Tech Specs / Warranty

INCLUDED: qty: 8 - All Terrain Stakes | qty: 4 - guy lines | qty: 1 - carry bag (branded Barronett Blinds)


- Designed to work in all soil conditions

- Threaded tip allows you to screw stakes into rocky soil

- Molded handle provides an optimal tie-off point

- Kit includes 6 All-Terrain Stakes and four tie downs

- Includes a convenient carry bag branded by sister company Barronett Blinds

Manufacturer's Warranty:

Limited Warranty: Ardisam, Inc., warrants this Gazelle™ Camping Tent under a one-year limited warranty to be free from defects in materials or workmanship or both for a period not exceeding twelve consecutive months from the date of original purchase by the first retail consumer or commercial end user.“Consumer use” means personal recreational use by a retail consumer. “Commercial use” or “commercial application” means all other uses, including use for commercial, income producing or rental purposes.Once a product has experienced commercial use, it shall thereafter be considered as a commercial use product for purposes of this warranty. This warranty does not cover tent tears, or bent poles due to use in high wind, inclement weather conditions, unattended use or uses other than those listed in the owner’s manual. This warranty applies to the original owner that provides a proof of purchase of the shelter. The warranty is not transferable. The warranty period begins on the date of purchase by the first retail consumer and continues for the twelve month consecutive period thereafter. Any unit used in a commercial application is covered for a period of 90 days after purchase. For the warranty to be valid, the product must be registered by filling out the warranty card and it must be received by Ardisam, Inc., within 30 days of purchase. Ardisam, Inc. shall not be obligated to ship any repair or replacement product to any location outside of the United States of America or Canada.

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