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Denali Ultralight Leash


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Embark on life's wildest adventures with a leash that's as dynamic as it is dependable. Introducing the Wilderdog Ultralight Leash – a perfect blend of minimalism and might. Crafted from ultra-strong nylon webbing, it promises the resilience of rugged ropes while remaining astoundingly lightweight.

Navigating through twists, turns, and terrains is a breeze, thanks to the swiveling and locking aluminum carabiner. No more leash tangles; just unhindered exploration. The padded handle ensures every journey is comfortable for you, while the additional D-ring keeps your dog's essentials – be it a Crap Carrier or Poop Bag Holder – conveniently close.

Tailored to suit any dog, from the dainty Dachshund to the majestic Mastiff, this 6-foot leash boasts versatility in every fiber. We believe in the unyielding quality of our products, which is why the Ultralight Leash comes backed with our lifetime warranty.

Dive into every expedition with confidence, and let the Wilderdog Ultralight Leash be the trusty companion by your side. It's not just a leash; it's a promise of endless adventures, unfettered by weight and bound only by the horizon.

Featherweight Strength

When adventure calls, you need gear that won't weigh you down. Enter the Wilderdog Ultralight Leash, part of our dedicated Ultralight Collection. Crafted with robust, ultralight nylon webbing, this leash effortlessly balances a featherweight feel with the enduring strength of big ropes. Gear up without being bogged down, and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Swivel, Lock, and Go!

The last thing you need on a walk or hike is a tangled leash. That’s why the Ultralight Leash features a swiveling and locking aluminum carabiner attachment, ensuring a hassle-free experience every step of the way. Designed for durability and convenience, this carabiner ensures a secure connection between you and your pup, so you can explore with confidence.

Convenience at Hand

The Ultralight Leash doesn't just stop at being lightweight and durable – it’s also incredibly user-friendly. With a comfortably padded handle, your grip remains firm yet gentle. Need to stay organized? The extra D-ring at the handle is the perfect spot for your Crap Carrier, Poop Bag Holder, or any other accessories you might need during your walk. Everything has its place, making your outing smooth and enjoyable.

Any Dog, Any Adventure

Whether you have a pocket-sized pup or a colossal canine, the Wilderdog Ultralight Leash is tailored for every breed. At 6' long and 1" wide, it's versatile enough to accommodate any dog size. For the stylish pup and owner duo, the Ultralight Leash doesn't just stop at durability and versatility. Available in a spectrum of cool patterns to complement your dog's unique personality or even match your own outdoor gear. No more settling for bland or ordinary—our leashes merge the best of fashion tones with rugged functionality, ensuring your dog stands out on every adventure.

Unwavering Durability

At the heart of every Wilderdog product lies a promise: unparalleled durability. And the Ultralight Leash is no exception. With a commitment to lasting a lifetime, it’s not just a leash you’re investing in, but a lifetime of countless adventures. Plus, for added peace of mind, every purchase is backed by our rock-solid lifetime warranty.

Tech Specs / Warranty

Length: 6 Feet

Width: 1 Inch

Weight: 3.75 Ounces

Construction: Ultralight Nylon Webbing | Aluminum Carabiner

Features: Padded Handle | Aluminum carabiner attachment swivels and locks | Extra D-Ring at handle for Crap Carrier, Poop Bag Holder, whatever else you need

Recommended Use: Suitable for all size dogs

Care: Wash by hand in your bathtub or bucket. Use warm water and mild soap (not detergent). Thoroughly swish the leash around, then drain the dirty water. Repeat until the water runs clean. Hang to dry, uncoiled, away from direct sunlight.

No chewing!


All Wilderdog branded products are backed with a lifetime guarantee - as long as you use the gear like you would use any other dog gear - no chewing!

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