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Heritage Bifold Card Wallet

Sackett Ranch Original

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Meet the Horween Heritage Bifold Card Case Wallet, Sackett Ranch's inaugural salute to artisanal American craftsmanship. Each wallet begins its journey in the storied halls of Chicago's Horween Leather Company, where the rough-out horsehide leather is selected for its exquisite hue and supple handfeel. Journeying to Mississippi, these hides find their form through Kenny's dedicated craftsmanship – each wallet a testament to his skill, stitched with a legacy to last lifetimes. The Sackett Ranch brand is not merely marked but branded into the leather, a nod to authenticity and heritage. This upright bifold, with its minimalist design, caters to the modern frontier spirit. It's slim, unobtrusive, and fashioned with enough slots to safeguard your cards and cash while telling a story of enduring American quality with every use.

Horween Heritage Leather

Delve into the deep heritage of American tannery with the Sackett Ranch Original Heritage Card Case Wallet. Crafted from rough-out horsehide sourced from Chicago's legendary Horween Leather Company, each wallet is a piece of history. The leather chosen for these wallets is renowned not just for its rugged durability, but also for the nuanced beauty of its coloring and the luxurious softness to the touch.

Handcrafted American Legacy

Every fold, every stitch in this wallet tells a story of American craftsmanship. In Mississippi, the skilled hands of Kenny, our artisan partner at Golden Age Supply, brings to life the legacy of Sackett Ranch. Each wallet is individually handcrafted, promising a personal touch that mass-produced pieces can never replicate. This is a wallet designed to be handed down through generations.

Authentic Branding, Timeless Design

Unlike fleeting trends, the Sackett Ranch Heritage Bifold Wallet offers timeless Western elegance. Our SR horse brand isn't simply stamped; it's branded into the leather, a nod to the authenticity of ranch work. The design marries tradition with modern needs—upright, bifold, slim enough for comfort, yet spacious with four card slots and dual pockets for cash or cards.

Modern Function, Classic Form

The upright bifold design of the Heritage Wallet reflects a keen understanding of the modern cowboy's and cowgirl's lifestyle. It slips into your pocket with ease, its sleek profile belying a robust capacity. With dedicated space for cards and cash, this wallet embodies the Sackett Ranch ethos: beauty in functionality, a tribute to those who value the essence of the American Dream in every aspect of life.

Unique Character in Every Piece

The Sackett Ranch Heritage Bifold Wallet is not just a carrier for your essentials; it's a testament to individuality. Crafted with the Horween leather's celebrated minimal treatment, each wallet embraces the hide's natural blemishes and color variations. These are not flaws, but stories of the leather's journey—signatures of authenticity. Horween celebrates these distinctive marks, ensuring your wallet is not just an accessory, but a personal artifact: no two are the same, each with its own character and story to tell.

Tech Specs / Warranty

- Hand Made in the USA with Genuine Horween Chromexcel Horse Hide Cordovan Leather

- That's it! No thin shell with cloth construction inside. This wallet is completely made of only the most premium and rare horse leather we can source through and through. The only other material in our wallets is the string that stiches it all together.

*Please Note: No two authentic animal hides are exactly the same. Color, texture, grain, and pattern variation can be expected from piece to piece. Your genuine leather wallet will also age and patina over the years that you use it, becoming a part of your own unique heritage and story.*

Sackett Ranch Originals Lifetime Warranty:

At Sackett Ranch, we not only embrace the pioneering spirit of resilience and adventure but also embody an unwavering commitment to quality. We proudly introduce the Sackett Ranch Originals Lifetime Warranty, a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Read more..

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