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Shower Room

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Whether you need a shower while you are camping outdoors or just some privacy to change your clothes the ROAM Shower Room is your go-to option.

The ROAM shower room was designed to provide a refreshing and convenient bathing experience in the great outdoors. The Shower Room is a solution for adventurers and travelers seeking a way to cleanse and rejuvenate after a day of exploration. It features a cleverly compact design, featuring sturdy yet lightweight materials that effortlessly attach to most vehicle rack systems. Its durable construction ensures stability and protection against the elements, while the spacious interior offers ample room for comfortably showering and changing. Whether on a camping trip, beach outing, or any adventure, this outdoor oasis redefines convenience, cleanliness, and comfort for the wanderlust soul.

Tech Specs

WEIGHT - 18 lbs

MATERIAL - 280g poly cotton ripstop

CLOSED DIMENSIONS - 39" L x 5.75" W x 7" H

OPEN DIMENSIONS - 39" L x 35" W x 84" H

INCLUDED HARDWARE - Stake bag, 4 stakes, 2 L-brackets for mounting & hardware

ROAD COVER - black, heavy duty, laminated, 720 GSM PVC

* Note - We recommend purchasing awning brackets from the manufacturer of your specific roof rack or bed rack for the easiest and most secure mounting of any awning to your specific rig


The Shower Room comes with a 3 year manufacturers/craftsmanship warranty. As with all Roam products, we want to make sure that you never have to worry about your gear. In the case that something does happen, you have world-class customer support at your hands to make sure you get taken care of.

About the Brand

ROAM is an outfitter of adventure equipment that strives to foster the curiosity and community that come from exploring the outdoors.  Our goal is to offer high quality products at great prices and never cut corners.  We vow to maintain the highest standard of customer service, going above and beyond to ensure every customer is proud to be a part of the ROAM family.

Roomy Refreshment

Step into spacious comfort with the ROAM Shower Room. When fully opened, it offers an ample space measuring 39”L x 35”W x 84”H. This roomy interior is perfect for comfortably showering, changing, or even just taking a moment to breathe in privacy. With enough room to move around freely, this shower room doesn't skimp on space, ensuring that your outdoor cleanliness and comfort are uncompromised.

Durable Sanctuary

Made from 280g poly cotton ripstop material, the ROAM Shower Room is a fortress against the elements. Whether you are amidst a dense forest, on a windy beach, or in the mountains, its resilient fabric and construction provide a stable and sturdy enclosure. This shower room is designed to endure the adventures you embark on, ensuring that your mobile sanctuary remains intact through thick and thin.

Compact Convenience

The ROAM Shower Room boasts a smartly compact design, making it a breeze to transport and set up. When closed, it measures a mere 39”L x 5.75”W x 7”H, and it's lightweight at just 18 lbs. Its streamlined dimensions and weight make it ideal for those who crave adventure without the bulk. Easily attach it to most vehicle rack systems, and you’re good to go. Spend more time exploring and less time fussing with unwieldy gear.

Strong Yet Lightweight Frame

The ROAM Shower Room is supported by a lightweight yet immensely strong gusseted frame that ensures stability even in unfavorable weather conditions. This frame is meticulously engineered to provide a perfect balance between durability and ease of transport. The gusseted construction not only resists rust and corrosion but also offers the strength needed to support the shower room. This ensures you have a secure and steady space to freshen up or change during your outdoor adventures.

Interior Mesh Pockets for Convenience

Enhance your shower experience with the added convenience of interior mesh pockets. Positioned towards the top of the shower room, these pockets are ideal for securely storing essentials like soap, shampoo, or even your cell phone while you shower or change. No more fumbling around for your toiletries or worrying about where to place your phone. These mesh pockets are designed for easy accessibility and safekeeping, bringing a whole new level of convenience to your outdoor bathing experience.

Road Cover

When you aren't using the ROAM Shower Room, it packs up thin and out of the way on the side of your roof / bed rack. The Shower Room stays protected and dry due to ROAM's black, heavy duty, laminated cover.

Don't Forget the Water

Complete your outdoor shower set up with ROAM's 7-Gallon Water Tank / Shower. Designed for the adventurer in mind, this durable aluminum tank warms water under the sun, providing you with a refreshing shower, anywhere. Its quick-release hardware and multi-mode shower head offer convenience and versatility, while the accessory mounting capabilities ensure you're always prepared. (Sold Separately)

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