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Ladder Soft Steps

ROAM Adventure Co

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The Ladder Soft Steps were designed to give you a little extra cushion between your feet and the ladder steps. These stair pads make getting out of the tent in the middle of the night barefoot feel like you are walking on clouds. They also have a custom tread designed to prevent slipping. All mounting hardware is included. **Soft Steps do not work on the Rambler ladders. Only work with ROAM Vagabond RTT Ladders**

Walking on Clouds

Let's be honest, using a ladder to get in and out of your tree fort on top of your vehicle is pretty cool, but using a ladder barefoot sucks. Pinpointing all your weight onto 2 inches of a metal ladder rung can be quite unpleasant. The folks at ROAM felt the same way, so they engineered some pretty cool, rubberized soft steps that attach to your existing ROAM ladder. Now, when you wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, you can fear not, as your climb down barefoot will be like walking on clouds.

Rubberized Anti-Slip Pad

These Soft Pads were engineered by ROAM with a custom tread pattern that was designed to not only be comfortable to step on, but also prevent slipping even when wearing shoes in wet and rainy conditions.

Tech Specs / Warranty

The ROAM Soft Steps are sold in either a 1 Pack or a 7 Pack. The ROAM Vagabond RTT Ladder has 7 rungs, however depending on the height of your Roof Top Tent when mounted on your specific vehicle, you may not ever have your ladder fully extended, and some rungs may be always collapsed. In these scenarios, you may only ever step on 4 of the 7 rungs of your ladder, hence the option to purchase Soft Steps individually based on how many rungs you would like to outfit with this option.

All mounting hardware is included. See video above for installation instructions.

** Please note that the ROAM Soft Steps do not work on ROAM Rambler Hardshell tent ladders. ROAM Soft Steps only work with ROAM Vagabond ladders (including the Vagabond Lite and Vagabond XL)**

Manufacturer's Warranty:

The ROAM Soft Steps come with a 3 year manufacturers/craftsmanship warranty. As with all Roam products, we want to make sure that you never have to worry about your gear. In the case that something does happen, you have world-class customer support at your hands to make sure you get taken care of.

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