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Mission Rover

Mystery Ranch

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 A workhorse gear hauler, the Mystery Ranch Mission Rover pack can be carried as a suit case, shoulder bag or backpack, allowing for versatile, nimble travel around the globe or across town.

The new MISSION ROVER is a sleek yet ample backpack suitcase to get crucial travel necessities onboard your next departure. Featuring clamshell zippered access to contents, each half of the open-book design has zippered dividers to organize your clothing and accessories. There’s a footwear compartment as well as a dirty laundry pocket. Three carry methods: suitcase, shoulder, or backpack-style allow for versatile, nimble travel. Designed to strategically separate your stuff. Available in three sizes – 30L, 45L, and 60 PLUS. * Final Sale Item

Built for the Mission

Experience unmatched durability with the Mystery Ranch Mission Rover, constructed using top-quality materials designed to withstand the rigors of travel. Trust this dependable companion to accompany you on all your adventures without losing its shape or integrity.

Pack it out

Keep your dirty clothes separate and organized with the Mission Rover's dedicated laundry compartment. Avoid mingling your clean garments with the soiled ones, ensuring you maintain a neat and orderly bag throughout your journey.

3-Way Carry Convenience

Adapt to any situation with the Mission Rover's versatile 3-way carry system. Effortlessly switch between shoulder carry, suitcase-style, or backpack mode depending on your needs, making it the perfect travel companion for any scenario.

Visibility with Mesh Compartments

Easily locate and access your belongings thanks to the Mission Rover's see-through mesh compartments. No more rummaging blindly through your bag; quickly identify and grab what you need, saving precious time and energy.

Padded Laptop Sleeve

Safeguard your laptop during travel with the Mission Rover's padded laptop sleeve. Designed to protect your valuable device from bumps and impacts, it provides peace of mind while on the go.

Spacious Office Compartment

Organize your office essentials with ease in the Mission Rover's generous office compartment. With ample space for your documents, pens, and other necessities, you'll stay organized and ready for anything.

Lockable Zippers

Secure your belongings with the Mission Rover's lockable zippers, providing an extra layer of protection and deterring opportunistic thieves. Travel with confidence knowing your items are safe and secure.



30L: 3.5 lb | 45L: 4.3 lb | 60 Plus: 4.9 lb


30L: 1780 cu-ins | 45L: 2565 cu-ins | 60 Plus: 3635 cu-ins


30L: 19"x13"x10" | 45L: 21"x13"x12" | 60 Plus: 23"x14"x14.5"

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