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Wild Cane Supply Co.

Wild Cane Supply Co.

Welcome to the rugged authenticity and enduring craftsmanship of Wild Cane Supply Co., our latest addition to the Sackett Ranch family. Hailing from the timeless landscapes of the American West, Wild Cane Supply Co. is a testament to the power of nature, adventure, and old-fashioned durability.

Born amidst golden sunsets, endless deserts, and where the sea meets the trees, Wild Cane Supply Co. is inspired by the great outdoors and the experiences that the wilderness has to offer. It is for the adventurers, the outdoor enthusiasts, and most importantly, the wild at heart. The products they make are not just for the sake of fashion; they are inspired by actual needs and desires experienced out in nature's raw elements.

The ethos of Wild Cane is about cherishing both the big and the small things, but most notably, the unforgettable moments that happen in between. The brand embodies a love for roaming the woods, exploring vast deserts, and cruising along the stunning western coastlines.

Wild Cane's provisions, both large and small, are simple, unique, and durable. Handmade with pride in the USA, you can trust that Wild Cane's goods will endure the wildest of adventures. Forget fleeting trends, Wild Cane is all about items that are not just useful, but designed to last generations.

Founded by Slater Cane, a passionate outdoorsman and creative soul, Wild Cane represents his lifestyle and experiences. Slater Cane's personal journey - from leather craft and sewing to photography and music production - has culminated in this unique brand. His passion for classic fashion and lasting style informs every product that Wild Cane offers.

Join us as we celebrate Wild Cane Supply Co.'s timeless goods, designed to narrate the tales of your adventures and stand the test of time. Welcome to the wild.

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