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Medical Points Abroad

Medical Points Abroad

At Sackett Ranch, we believe in quality, trust, and safety above all else. That's why we are immensely proud to introduce a new addition to our curated collection of outdoor gear: Medical Points Abroad. Born from the collective experience of seasoned Paramedics, EMTs, Doctors, Veterans, and active/veteran military and law enforcement professionals, Medical Points Abroad is the real deal in first aid preparedness.  

Every product of theirs is meticulously designed and made in the USA, grounded in decades of real-life trauma and first responder medical care. These kits are more than just your typical first aid assembly—they are the embodiment of trust, reliability, and utmost medical knowledge that you can bring with you in every adventure.

From being the trusted solution of the Wildland Fire Program within the Department of Interior to aiding civilian wilderness first responders, these kits have proven their mettle time and again. Each component is chosen based on meticulous research and current best practices in medicine, promising to function in the most challenging environments.

Our founder, a former licensed Paramedic in Chicago, resonates with the mission of Medical Points Abroad. His years of field experience instill a deep appreciation for these kits—not as mere merchandise, but as an essential piece of gear every adventurer should have. We refuse to settle for the subpar, overseas-produced bandaid bundles that flood the market.

Welcome to a world where quality, American-made first aid kits, curated by genuine professionals, are the standard. Welcome to a safer, more prepared adventure with Sackett Ranch and Medical Points Abroad.


Explore the new revolution in civilian first aid kits with these USA made kits here at Sackett Ranch. Browse the product pages below for detailed information.

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